Ashton Benson at his first Band Recital

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Ashton Benson at his first Band Recital

Ashton choose this as his favorite photo of the night…

Ashtons Recital - January 2016-5453

Ashton decided to choose the trombone as his first instrument for beginning band.  I would have chosen triangle or something, but that’s neither here nor there.  Attended his first band recital prepared to have my ears bleeding by the end of the recital but was pleasantly surprised.  All the students were fairly talented.  Ashtons group was the second group to go up since his class was third period.  All the tunes were fairly short 30-second tunes and all the students did a great job.  Looking forward to hearing their progress at the next recital.

As far as photos, I was four rows back RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE so figured I had a great…. NOPE….  Right behind the conductor and my son was just to the conductors left (right behind a taller kid playing clarinet).  I literally had a gap of about 6-7 inches to shoot through (as you can see in this photo).

Ashtons Recital - January 2016-5519

But I did manage to grab a few shots that I rather liked.

Ashtons Recital - January 2016-5528 Ashtons Recital - January 2016-5525 Ashtons Recital - January 2016-5523 Ashtons Recital - January 2016-5517



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